My Aromatherapy hobby turned into an on-line store.

The pandemic shut everything down and I found myself shipping hard to get products into NYC for family and friends locked down.

I created an aerosol fighter to clean the air of viruses. ( Mitigating Plus ) I combined this with a Diffuser to purify the air. So many people on quarantine. I combined a Eucalyptus essential oil / 300- 1000ML Diffuser bundle to be diffused into the air to aid the respiratory system of the quarantined. 

My knowledge of herbs and spices has been very beneficial since the 1970’s. Teachers like

Jethro KLoss, Dr. Randolph Stone, Dr R. German-Bey, have influenced me. Prepared me to be able to offer an additional organic tool to purify your air. 

After I started creating herbal blends. I started creating romantic scents and mood lifters for everyone staying safe at home. I made all of this available on-line on the website. 

My love of perfumes and attars has led to sharing some totally unique niche brands and fragrances through the portal.

The store went public so that anyone could view my blog and order products from it.

Sending all types of books to kids (4-6) yrs. old has been a passion I wanted to expand. So a dollar from every sale goes toward buying and sending a book to a child. Welcome to my store. 



Safe Shopping Guarantee

All information is encrypted and transmitted without risk and your information is kept 100% private.


In case you've any queries, get in touch with us at or connect with us at 919-307-7631.

However, we persist in using the biodiversity of plants and natural products that are certified organic to create products that both respect the environment and the human body. 








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