ISHQ   ( UNISEX ) Perfume🌈

ISHQ ( UNISEX ) Perfume🌈

  • 10 October, 2021
  • Joseph Wingate Bey


P& O Aroma presents ISHQ Perfume by Swiss Arabian, Ishq perfume is a rich, sophisticated scent designed to replicate the complexity of love. It builds upon a smoky, sensual base of Cypriol oil to represent the underlying passion that stokes and sustains a love affair. Floral notes of Turkish rose and sweet carnation give the heart of the fragrance a soft, passionate undertone while earthy sage softens the perfume. Intense top notes of nutty cardamom and spicy black pepper top off the aroma and give the perfume an accord that is reminiscent of the deep passion that every torrid love affair begins with. This perfume is ideal for a romantic night out on the town.






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